Wednesday, November 12, 2014

OCMQG Member Holiday Party!

Save the Date December 7th
12 Noon - 5pm at Bunnie's Home - email her for the address

We'd love it if you join fellow OCMQG Members for an afternoon of potluck, fun and games, and a Yankee swap!

Potluck - Please no red wine.
Comment below to tell us what your bringing for the potluck so we don't wind up with 15 plates of cookies or a whole mess of green beans. :)

What's a Yankee Swap you ask???
Each member makes and wraps a handmade item to swap with other guild members. We'll each pick a number to decide what order the swap goes. The first person selects an item, unwraps it and shows it off. The 2nd person can either steal that item or select a new item. If it is "stolen" from the first person, then the victim gets to select a new item to unwrap. The 3rd person can then steal from #1 or #2 or select a new item. And so on. Once an item is stolen 3 times it is frozen and the person who last has possession is now the proud owner. When all gifts have been opened, the 1st person then has a chance to choose any of the remaining unfrozen items. It's jolly fun! Items made at past meetings have included pillows, bags, placemats, pincushions, hot pads/gloves, baskets, wall hangings, etc. etc. Use your quilty imagination!

If you last minute folks don't have time to make something you can participate in the swap with a quilty inspired gift... just a thought.

More details to follow!