Friday, July 31, 2015

The Flying Geese Show at Soka University

The Soka University Show is schedule for Saturday September 26th and Sunday September 27th with set up on Friday, September 25th.

Sandy, Kayley, Karen S. and Lisa have volunteered to help Bunnie with set up on Friday.  More details will follow on time and what will be needed.

We are asking for 2 volunteers to man the booth during the show hours.  We are requesting that you email Bunnie at with a request block of time that would work for you.  The hours of the show on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm and on Sunday from 10 am to 3:30 pm.   As a volunteer, you will have a great opportunity to discuss what modern quilting means to you and the community as a whole. 

You will also have an opportunity to check out the show while you are there.

Additionally, if there are quilts that you would like to share at the show, please email Bunnie with a photo so we can get an idea of how many quilts we have to share.  The photos from last night meeting were forwarded to Bunnie this morning.

We are hoping to have flyer about our guild to get people interested and we can take email address. 

Bunnie will be the contact on this event.  Please feel free to email her with all comments and questions.


July Recap

Happy Friday and the Last Day of July!  Can’t believe we are 7 months into 2015.  We are already planning our end year activities, charity quilts and items for Quilt Con 2016 in Pasadena.  And we had an exciting night last night with so many beautiful quilts.

We began the night with our Water Challenge Competition.  We had 6 entries and the quilts were amazing, beautiful and all capture the essence of water in their own way.  And for the first time in our guilds history – we had a 3 way tie for 1st!  Congrats to Karen, Sandy and Helene!  Your quilts were stunning.  Thank you to all the participated.  And we are looking forward to our next challenge.

Speaking of challenges, we decided last night that our next challenge will be a very special challenge.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, our challenge will be a philanthropy challenge.  An opportunity to give back to the community.  The quilt you make for this challenge will be given to a charity for the holidays and you can still WIN a prize.  The theme is Storybook – choose a book for a child or a young adult and make a quilt based on the book.   The minimum size 36 x 48.  This challenge is due at our NOVEMBER 19th Meeting!  (This is a date change due to the Thanksgiving Holiday)  Mark your calendar and your participation in this incredible opportunity.

Moving on to other Philanthropy items on our agenda, we have a lot going on.  We are up to 80 pillowcase – 20 cases short of our goal.  If you have any at home, bring them to the next meeting.  Big thanks to Susan and Cecile for completing an incubator cover each for Choc.  This project was a bit difficult for us but we will make it up to Choc.  We are hoping to donate our quilt submitted to Quilt Con to Choc for a fundraiser in the future.  Additionally, we are working on our Quilt Con 2016 Entry – big thanks to Bunnie and Janet who have made headway on it.  Our intent is Flying Geese and we are hoping to make even more progress our September 13th Sew.  We will be working on the back, the binding and deter the quilting.  Your participation is helpful so we can meet our November deadline.

Thank you to all of you who brought quilts to show at the Flying Geese Soka University Show.  We are looking forward to show all them in our booth.  The Show is September 26th and 27th with a set up on Friday.  I will be sending out a separate email detailing volunteering for the show and other particulars.

Items we discussed that you maybe be interested in following up on:

The Row by Row Experience -

Miracles for Kids -

The Joyful Foundation -

Future reminders - Our next sew is August 9th at Cosmic Quilting.  Our next meeting is scheduled for August 27th at Cosmic Quilting.  Look forward to seeing everyone there!