Sunday, November 1, 2015

OCMGQ October Monthly Recap

Wow – What a great meeting!!!  And we got a lot accomplished and looking forward to the New Year.

First – Thank you to Sandy for her incredible demo of curved piecing.  Sandy makes it seems so easy but I think we all want to try it out.  She worked miracles on her machine Thursday night.

Also, thank you to Sue Stone and her friends from Needle in A Fabric Stash.  We are excited about her modern quilt store in Temecula and we are looking forward to a road trip soon.  (Information to follow)  We want to encourage everyone to subscribe to her emails at  Sue’s 1st year anniversary is coming up on November 7th and she will have some special deals in the store and online. 

Lastly, we should always thank our hosts who are currently housing our meetings and sews.  Karen and Cecile have been so gracious.  So thank you!  On that note, we are looking for a larger space to hold our meeting and workshops.  Some of you have sent ideas our way – keep them coming.  We will need all the input you have to find the perfect spot to land.  Just reply to this email or email with your information.

We discussed so many things at our meeting:

·         Membership renewal will take place in January.  Bring your check book!  There will be a reminder prior to the meeting.

·         Looking to 2016

o   We decide to keep the 3 times a year challenge (every 4 months)

o   We would like suggestions for participation swap ideas.

o   More members to do demonstrations starting in January.

o   Some more workshops

·         Road to California is coming in January and give some thought to Carpooling.  An email will be sent out the week prior to see you would like to participate.

·         Quiltcon is COMING!  We are all very excited and have been invited to pass out flyers at the conference.  Bunnie has agreed to be our point person with MQG.  Give some thought on if you are able to volunteer for some time to represent us.  We will firm up that information after the New Year.  We also may have a Carpooling opportunity as well.

·         Officers – We NEED you!  We have an opening for a Co President, Events Chair and Philanthropy.  Dawn has graciously volunteer to be our Raffle Prize Chair – Thank you Dawn.  Please let us know that you can help us out. Reply to this email with your nomination.

Our next meeting is scheduled on November 19th at Cecile’s Studio. (One week earlier due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.)  Remember our Thanksgiving Philanthropy Challenge is due that night!  Bring your quilt and your book!  Looking forward to see all the beautiful work our guild does.

‘Til next time – TTFN

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