Thursday, August 28, 2014

Foundation Paper Piecing

Get precise piecing with Foundation Paper Piecing - great for fine details, tiny piecing and odd angles. This is a great tutorial on Foundation Paper Piecing from Connecting Threads:

Key Points

  • Thinner foundation paper is easier to tear away foundation when finished
  • Pieces don't have to be precise,  just large enough to cover the shape plus seam allowance (I sometimes mark the seam allowance, especially on the first one)
  • Use shorter stitch length. Video recommends larger needle too.
  • Fabric is right side up on non-printed side. This is the way your block will look.
  • Stitch on printed side - stitch one or two stitches before and after template line to catch seam.
  • Be sure fabric covers solid lines include seam allowance (double check this - I've ripped out quite a few seams)
  • Place next piece, right sides together, and flip to check that the new piece will cover the next shape with seam allowance (double check this - I've ripped out quite a few seams)
  • Press as you go
  • Fold paper template and trim seam allowance as you go
  • Pay attention to fabric choice per piece - sometimes it helps to have a key or write it on your template.
  • Use scotch tape to mend paper seams if you have to rip
Click for a Google search on paper piecing patterns.
Click for Amy Friend's paper piecing awesomeness

Happy Sewing!

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