Friday, August 1, 2014

Our third option for our quilts - The Women's Transitional Living Center

WTLC - The Women's Transitional Living Center, Inc.  (Orange, CA)

WTLC is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and families escape the depths of domestic violence and exploitation. WTLC provides the tools and resources to build self-esteem and empower people for independent living.
End the cycle of violence and exploitation through education and rehabilitation.
Respect - We treat all as we wish to be treated.
Empower - We educate, inspire, and motivate taking control for a better life.
Innovate - We dedicate ourselves to providing lasting success through creative solutions.
Honor, Empower, Restart
If you think you may be a victim of abuse, or know someone who is, call us now on our 24-hour hotline 877-531-5522.

Abuse Can Include

·         Extreme jealousy

·         Forced sexual relations

·         Verbal abuse or harassment

·         Disrespectful or demeaning comments

·         Harassing telephone calls and texts

·         Spying and stalking

·         Threats against you or another family member

·         Creating disturbances at your workplace

·         Forced isolation from friends and family

Goals of Transitional Living Program:

·     To prepare and guide clients towards independent living outside the shelter environment.

·     Amplify their knowledge about the dynamics of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking and its prevention.

Services include:

·     Confidential transitional shelter (9 months to 2 years)

·     Psycho-social assessment

·     Individual, group, and family counseling

·     Case management

·     Non-shelter services

·     Information and referral

·     Legal Services

·     Legal Advocacy, Follow-up, Restraining orders, and Court dates

·     Legal Referrals – Immigration, Divorce, child custody and other related matters

Prerequisites for Transitional Housing Program:

To qualify, the clients must have successfully completed WTLC's 45/90-day emergency program or any other emergency program. Clients are interviewed to assess special needs and are informed about the program's Rules and Regulations. Once admitted to the Transitional Housing Program clients are provided with a furnished one –bedroom apartment. Strict safety and confidentiality policies are maintained.

Educational Workshops:

·         Parenting

·         Substance abuse

·         Career planning

·         Job placement

·         Independent life skills and goal setting

·         Time management skills

·         Budgeting

·         Safety plan

Other Services

Human Trafficking Programs
Community Outreach
Emergency Shelter
Immigration Services
Legal Advocacy
Operation Facelift
Residential Child Programs
40-hour Domestic Violence Training
Partner Agencies

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